Digital Scales Tips

Here are some practical tips to help protect your digital scale investment:

1) Weighing items over the maximum weight capacity will cause an error to display. Immediately remove overweight items to avoid causing permanent damage to the digital scale.  

2) Also, digital scales have delicate sensors, so avoid rough treatment, shaking and vibration.

 3) Make sure your digital scale's battery has enough power. Digital Scales will read inaccurately with low power batteries.  

4) Unless otherwise stated, digital scales are not waterproof. Please do not expose to moisture.

  5) The display value may be affected by electromagnetic disturbances from other electronic equipment that operate near your digital scale, such as radios, microwaves, cell phones etc. If this occurs, move the device that is causing the disturbance and turn the scale off and restart.  

6) Make sure your digital scale is at normal room temperature. If your digital scale is not at normal room temperature, please wait several hours before using it.

 7) Only use your digital scale on a stable horizontal surface.





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